I was born in Brussels, but I live in Rome. After trainings in iconology, gender studies and physical theater, I started experimenting with photography.

In 2013, I came across an old enlarger and immediately had the urge to learn how to use it. And to start expressing myself through pictures.

In 2015, I won a scholarship to study at the Centro Romano di Fotografia. In 2017, I became the assistant at Door, while continuing my training there.

My first exhibition, Poussière d’étoile, presented in September 2018, tells about heroin addiction through cyanotypical prints and a live performance.

My second exhibition, Naive Melody, presented in December 2018, explores the relationship between memories and accumulated materials.

My research mainly focuses on my individual experience, on the links between performance and image and on the materiality of image. I like to explore the relationships between texts and pictures, between movement and still images, between photography and history.

I like to build cameras and handle papers and brushes in the darkroom, but I also like to develop the conceptual part of a project

Photography is my great passion. With lots of other things.